Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Bucket List


All the stuff below is irrelevant, superseded by the fact that the car's been totaled and is being parted. Nevertheless, it's been left in to give some more information about the state of the car (most of it survived).

Like the blog subtitle says, we're cleaning up 22 years of neglect. This is the current list of found and fixed problems, somewhat prioritized. Updated as the work progresses. Prices, if listed, reflect the actual amount paid and are not necessary optimal - sometimes, time considerations were more important than cost savings.


  • Nothing
  • Replace cruise control cable
  • Replace all differential gaskets (leaking), gasket set (part #33101210518)
  • Replace front brake pad wear sensor (part #34351179819)
  • Check rear brake pad and rotor thickness
  • Verify that brake calipers are not sticking, lubricate and replace if necessary
  • Identify the cause of power steering fluid leakage and fix it
  • Identify the cause of transmission leakage and fix it
  • Replace transmission fluid with known good
  • Fix the driver door lock (see if the part #51219061341 is what's needed to fix it)
  • Replace worn out front suspension parts
  • Check rear suspension and see what needs to be done
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Clean the distributor
  • Check ignition wiring, replace if necessary
  • Replace Service Interval Board
  • Bring Check Control back to life
  • Pass emissions test (unlikely)
  • Replace exhaust system (part #18121178263)
  • Replace exhaust pipe catalyst (part #11769059153)
  • Verify that the oil pan gasket (part #11131315085) is not leaking
  • Verify that the oil level sensor is not leaking
  • Keep an eye on right rear view mirror - may be falling out
  • Keep an eye on ABS sensors (part #34521154044, 34521155709 and 34521155710) - cable insulation is aging and falling apart
  • Replace broken oil filter housing (part #11421266372)
  • Replace stupid fake carbon fiber black-and-white roundels with proper blue-and-white ones
  • Replace driver window "up" button (works intermittently) (part #61311381205)
  • Replace sunroof deflector mechanism
  • Replace broken fog light (preferably both, for the other one is also worn) (part #63121468224)
  • Implement the wimpy brake light fix
  • Fix all dents, repaint
  • Replace all mouldings that need replacement
  • Replace all seals that need replacement
  • Replace broken interior panels
  • Replace headliner
  • Look under sheepskins, fight gag reflex, replace upholstery
  • Replace dashboard (part #51451872376)
  • Replace aftermarket audio system speakers with disgusting sound with something decent - or rip the aftermarket audio system out completely - who needs to listen to anything while driving E28?
  • Rip out stupid (allegedly Ferrari) horn that sits in the middle of the engine compartment and interferes with engine access; verify that OEM horn is operational and connect it instead
  • Find a suitable cover for the place where no longer necessary front bumper registration plate (part #51181855952) was
  • Replace squealing AC Blower (part #64111354618 or 64111386369)
  • Replace trunk lid torsion springs (part #51241919481 and #51241919482), it appears that the spoiler is not an original part and the trunk lid doesn't pop up by itself - or, the springs are just too old

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